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Livestock Feed, Equipment, Advice and So Much More

Everything Your Slidell, Metairie or New Orleans Livestock Need in One Place

If you’re one of our area neighbors who own livestock or exotic pets, then you understand how difficult it can be to find quality feed and equipment at affordable prices. It’s even more difficult to find professionals who understand horses, chickens and other livestock who can provide knowledgeable advice and guidance on what kinds of equipment or feed will best suit your needs. At Double “M” Feed, Garden & Pet Supply, we have the experience and products to meet all your livestock needs!

Livestock Equipment

Finding the right supplies to keep your animals happy and healthy isn’t always easy in the New Orleans area, but our local experts at Double “M” Feed, Garden & Pet Supply have the experience and products to ensure all your livestock supply needs are met. We love animals, and are committed to providing the advice and guidance to ensure you’re well-equipped to care for yours. 

Livestock Feed

Run-of-the-mill pet food just doesn’t cut it when it comes to raising livestock and keeping them well fed and happy. We carry a diverse array of livestock and exotic animal food ranging from rodent and reptile feed to premium horse and chicken feed. 

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